Nikon Coolpix P6000

In the fever Facebook and other social networking site now, if each of ordinary members like to install an image in their account. Nature "narsis" every person is, to some extent make the digital camera market remains crowded at any time also.

You like travel, can be stuck with a series of semi-professional Nikon Coolpix P6000. This is one of the few digital cameras that include a facility to mark the GPS location where the photo was found. Interesting is not it?

Although classified as class compact, design P6000 with about 4cm thick and weights 250 grams is not too practical. However, a steady grip still make this camera well be by one hand only.

Size is a little big still reasonable considering the number of features that carried P6000, including the holder for an external flash (hot shoe), the key to set the dial setting typical photography, and the five key functions / menu on the left. Besides, there are also facing the screen as a viewfinder LCD 2.7 ". Presumably this viewfinder is provided for those who still like the activity through the viewfinder window intip or to turn off the battery with the LCD.

To support the needs of those who already understand photography, using a P6000 CCD sensor with 13.5 megapixel total resolution of this provided a lot of features, from the automatic mode until the viewfinder PASM option for manual settings.

To prevent blurred images due to shocks, such as the usual place Nikon Vibration Reduction function (VR), which is quite useful, especially in low lighting conditions. However, please note that the VR feature will not be effective for taking a moving object. Optis zoom capability that is only 4x is also not effective for long-distance shooting. Therefore, we can say that this camera is a semipro model of responsibility.

Among the features that a line of precedence, which may make P6000 GPS facility is interesting to know the position of an object on earth. Do not wrong, GPS is not here to guide you, such as GPS equipment in general, but to mark the image so that it can know the location where the photo is taken. To facilitate this, the Nikon Picture Bank function on the dial button where you can select images to upload to the portal Picturetown service (bagipakai photos via Nikon's Nikon Transfer software).

GPS facilities into the benefits of this more clearly, because the competitors rarely have them. However, the function of marking the image with the help of GPS is more optimal if the shooting is done in open space, not in the room is closed (indoor). Please note, the use of GPS features that make the battery more quickly exhausted.

As a semipro camera, the Coolpix P6000 is quite satisfactory owing to the many manual settings multiformity available and photos of the results is quite good. However, in the ISO 400 and above, are often part of the image details appear lost.

In terms of facilities and capabilities, this camera worthy of identify with the quality of Canon PowerShot G10 or Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 classmates that although the endurance is not as strong as battery P6000 both.

Series features typical DSLR camera is very advanced bereksplorasi help users manually. This added the feature to face detection automatically focuses on shooting to the face and object fasilits D-Lighting to improve the lighting of a dark image. Our conclusion, Coolpix P6000 is feasible that they are used to study photography seriously.

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Olympus FE-5010

If you decide to purchase the Olympus pocket camera with limited funds, clearly an ideal choice due to the FE series is a model & Easy Friendly, easy to use aliases. Although impressed conservative (between the SP model and from the Olympus mju), FE-class features that still have enough means to support the activities of photography. FE Series the most feature complete now is the FE-5010, with some of completeness in the SP model (semi pro).

Some features of the preferred FE-5010 is quite similar to the compact digital camera class, such as the ability optis achieve 5x zoom and LCD screen 2.7 "wide classified. Olympus is also the ability of FE-5010 can accept a memory card microSD (TransFlash) memory as assisting them xD.

As we know, xD memory tend to be more expensive but tulisnya low speed and reaches a new maximum capacity 2GB. Highlighted the weakness of the consumer is often forced to adopt microSD Olympus is now available up to 16GB. To be able to squeeze microSD camera, provided a special adapter (MASD-1) which has been prepared in the FE-5010 packet.

With the ability to rely on a maximum of 12 megapixel resolution, including the FE-5010 series camera in the pocket of 10 megapixel that is now starting a trend. So that maximum results photos, Olympus already have TruPic III processor as the model is placed on their DSLR.

System also have penstabil image 2, called the Dual-iS (digital & optical image stabilization). This system is a mechanism for optis and edit digital images blurred due to the shocks of photographer. So far, we see the Dual-iS indeed more effective than single iS. However, the video record mode, which is used only reducer system iS-digital video so that the movement appears less mulus.

Photographs with the FE-5010 was very exciting because in addition to well-supplied automatic mode (iAUTO) scheme also 14 images (the SCN), which can be selected according to conditions. IAUTO system will make the selection is very limited because nearly all the functions of the camera is set. In this mode only resolution option available and the type of image compression.

If you want more creative, please select the P (program) that provides the light fluorescent lamp (Fluorescent) to 3 types of options on the WB (White Balance). On the mode scheme (SCN), you can activate the feature "Smile Shot" which allows the camera photographs automatically detect if someone smile of its focus areas.

Results photos outdoor FE-5010 is sufficient for very compact camera class. In addition, support for up to 5x zoom optis also use a lot of time zero in a remote object. However, in the case, the benefits of the feature Dual-iS less than the maximum.

Camera equipped with protective structures to prevent falls from a height of about half a meter this also includes the Perfect Fix feature that is capable of improving the lighting and dispel the image of the red-eye effect that often arise

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